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“The best thing next to your baby is a Gema Mattress”

Gema is a family-run company of over 25 years who have built the business on good quality products and sound customer relationships. Producing cot and pram mattresses, ranging from natural fibre, luxbond softfibre and spring interior products conforming to relevant BSI Standards. All our mattresses are made from the highest quality components and are hand-produced by our skilled workforce.

We also offer a full range of nursery accessories, including Bedding, Fitted and Top Sheets made with 100% Cotton, Flannelette, Poly-cotton, Rain-shields, Fly & Dust Nets, Cat Nets, Baby Bathmates, Muslin Squares, Pillow Cases (to fit pram & cot) and Mattress Protectors.

Service safety and design ensure that our customers receive the best.

All of our products are made in the UK.

Mattresses, sheets or pillows can be made to any size or customer specification.

Because people remember quality long after price has been forgotten!

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